Manufacturing and distribution of foam cutting equipment, Cutting tools for Styrofoam/EPS/hard foams, Styrofoam cutter.

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Angle cuts can be completed quickly via the angle scales.


The 24V transformer is attached to the base plate. The 40V transformer can be attached to base plate of hung up on scaffolding.


An angle can be adjusted quickly on the base plate.


The wire suspension with adjustable tension springs allows for easy wire exchange.

Cutting Tool FCT 1010

Entry Level Model / 1010 mm Cutting Width

Robust and maintenance free entry level hot wire cutting table with a cutting width of 1010 mm and a height of 240 mm. Straight as well as angular cuts can be performed quickly and without cumbersome shavings.
You receive two tools in one as the cutting bow is removable and can be used for free handed cutting.

Cutting Tool FCT 1010

Criteria Data Cuts Cuts



excl. tax
incl. tax
Cutting tool
incl. 24V trafo
249.90  € 297.38  €
Cutting tool
incl. 40V trafo
279.90  € 333.08  €
Scaffolding attachment 69.90  € 83.18  €
Transport case 220.00  € 261.80  €
Replacement wires
10 pieces
49.00  € 58.31  €
Set FCT 1010 I * 469.90  €
only 439.90  €
559.18  €
only 523.48  €
Set FCT 1010 II * 499.90  €
only 469.90  €
594.88  €
only 559.18  €

* Set FCT 1010 I: composed of cutting tool FCT 1010, 24-V-transformer and case.

** Set FCT 1010 II: composed of cutting tool FCT 1010, 40-V-transformer and case.

We will charge shipping per the table.

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